Welcome To Natural Tucker


If you are looking for a new & experienced wholesale bakery, look no further.


If you talk to Felicia, she will be happy to drop some samples off,

that suits your business best.


Look forward to working with you soon.

Paul Harrison

New Wholesale Customer


To start you off as a wholesale customer, we will need some details.

Please send to us via email these few things, so we can start sending you some of Melbourne's best sourdough products!


Business Trading Name:
Main Contact Person:

Your Property Address:


We deliver to properties, very early in the morning, so we ask for you to provide either a key or a safe place to leave your deliveries. To avoid it falling into the wrong hands. When we drop off, we cannot take responsibility on the product being “Lost or Damaged” unless we have delivered incorrectly.

(PS: We are closed on Sundays) No Deliveries.


We are a small Fresh Food Business & cannot afford to sit on long accounts, so we ask that you help us, give you the product you need, by paying on time, or setting up auto payments where possible.




Bsb: 013 338

Acc: 416 293 046

We don’t have a minimal order, but we charge a flat rate of $10 a delivery.


Now our product is Natural! So this means, that it wont always be the same, just like in nature, but this being said, it doesn’t give us an excuse to provide a “poor” product. So if our product falls outside “acceptance” levels, please contact us to discuss.

We also run on a “standing order system” please discuss we us, what this means, if you are not sure.