About Us


When John Downes Started Natural Tucker Bakery,

40 years ago, his philosophy was simple, "Provide Less Over Processed Foods". 


Although it's been 40 years, our philosophy remains the same, we have created a name of being a

vegan company over the years,

not necessarily because we are all vegans, but because we care about "What We Eat"


Food Products are under so much pressure by Customers & Consumers, that it is forced into being processed & manufactured to be "Quick" & "Consistent"


We take our "Time" at Natural Tucker Bakery,

this is why Many Big Name Bakers around Melbourne, Australia & Worldwide,

have all spent time learning our way of producing our "Real Bread"


When you see our "Real Product" don't question the shape or the size, know that it is

"Natural" done in "Nature's Way"


2 Things To Remember:

1 - There is no law in Australia for Naming Sourdough Bread

2 - It's not the Gluten, is how it's produced, which causes the issues.