We bake fresh every morning!


Our starter contrary to most peoples belief, is not 40years old, but it is over 10,

we don't know the exact age of our child, but we believe it’s a good kid!

Yes, we feel like parents you generally do when you have to feed the child multiple times every day!

Our “sourness” in our bread, is a natural occurring phenomena, which through the right process, attracts, usually saccharomyces exiguus and bacteria, mostly lactobacillus and acetobacillus or (Yeast) which feed of sugars. The yeast then makes carbon dioxide and alcohol, the bacteria makes, carbon dioxide and acid, which gives sourdough its sour taste, this will also result in different “sourness” grades.

Other major bakery’s & supermarkets use flavours to create this taste, anywhere from using ascorbic acid to powdered vinegar. We do not.

Over the years of having crazy Artisan’s working with us, we have developed a variety of tinned loaves, which some recipe’s date back to the middle ages & pre-history,

The 100% ers Baltic loaf, Shwartzbrot, (Black Bread),

& the softer 66% er with stout, Danish

are the most popular.

Old School Times


300+ years ago, the way bread was made, is comparable to how we make our bread here at Natural Tucker, apart from using machines to mix, you could take our methods & techniques, & compare it to where the world had more patience for their food.


                         “Time,…the only thing that truely matters”

                     - Rod Shokuhi.

Well Being


Why is Time so important:


it’s not just about “Rising Time”

it is more about how the gluten in the bread that feeds the natural yeast & breaks down the fibres in the bread,

so it is easy for the body to digest, so you don’t get that awful feeling after eating our bread, like you do with poor quality bread.


This is the best measure on a loaf, by how your stomach feels after.