Vegan Products

We, at Natural Tucker Bakery pride ourselves in providing creative, healthy vegan products. If you are a vegan and looking for delicious Vegan Products, then Natural Tucker Bakery is the right choice for you.


Using Quality Ingredients, Natural Tucker Bakery is here to bring you the freshly baked Vegan Products


Our diverse range includes gluten free cakes (Made to Order), Vegan Fruit Buns (Daily), Vegan Pies & Sausage Rolls (Daily), Dairy Free Brownies (Daily), Vegan Slices (Daily), Sourdough Bread and many more.


Natural Tucker has had 40 years experience developing a complete range of sourdough breads and vegan products and has been a favourite choice among many vegans and bread lovers. Many of our wholesale customers purchase our vegan products as well as our sourdough breads.