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Natural Tucker Bakery 

Natural Tucker Bakery was established in 1978.  Our premises at 809 Nicholson Street Carlton North is the historic site of one of Melbourne's oldest, turn of the century, bakeries.  Today, we maintain the tradition of "hands on" baking in our range of products including Sourdough Breads, 

Sourdough Bakery

Our Pies & Sausage Rolls are all made by us, this means we know where everything comes from & what goes into them. We team up with local Butchers & Poultry Specialists to make sure what we get is the highest quality & properly grown products.
We recieved 3 awards last year, from the Great Aussie Pie Competition, (Australia's largest & most recognised pie competition)
Our pies are an old school journey, remember those old Aussie pies, or something you found on a journey in the country, where we all looked forward the the local bakery & their pies.
Good Pastry, Good Fillings, Simplicity at it best.
We have partnered with Laucke Flour, to bring you the best bread from local grown Australian flour treated the right way.
Our ever evolving pastries are a true example of what NT Bakery is about, we're always changing & moving with the times, but holding on to our clear principles - Freshly Made, Use the Best Ingredients & Keep it Simple...